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Or Eleanor may have had two sisters – perhaps Aelith was illegitimate.

The mention of Aelith comes from existing documentation concerned with the Abbey of St Mary of Saintes. I feel probably not, but it is still a consideration when pondering all the possibilities.

All that can be said is that if Eleanor was born in 1124, then Petronella was a younger sibling.

We know their mother died in 1130 and that Petronella was old enough to be involved in a sexual relationship by 1141, and that she bore a child circa 1143/44.

I suspect it has been taken from a novel rather than being a provable fact.

As everyone knows, while Wikipedia is a good starting point, it’s never, ever to be trusted.

I Eleanor, queen of the Franks, and daughter of William duke of Aquitaine, have granted and confirmed by this mark, the gift as the king my husband granted it to the church of Blessed Mary of Saintes, to be held in perpetuity by St.“ Since I have no access to this work, I can’t check the veracity or whether Petronella’s death is mentioned in it.Records of Petronella before 1189 are hardly leaping out of the woodwork, and I suspect that here ‘scarce’ is a euphemism for ‘non existent.’ The article erroneously says that Eleanor was imprisoned some of the time in Wales which is untrue. The above source has Petronella buried at the Priory of Saint Arnould de Crepy.Now, to further muddy the waters, the English Pipe Rolls of 1155 to 1158 carry at least a hint that Petronella was still alive after Ralph’s remarriage to Laura of Flanders and hadn’t died as John of Salisbury says.There is a reference to a Petronille in close proximity to mention of the Queen with reference to payment of Danegeld in the Pipe Roll for Essex of 1155, and it might be her sister.

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