Japanese men dating dolls

He was an active researcher, collector of stories, documents, and information relating to the development of hina-ningyo during the Edo period.

Nishizawa’s son Tekiho (1889–1965) inherited his collection but a great portion of the collection was lost in the Kanto earthquake of 1923.

In 1862, after attending a London Exhibition, he was drawn to Japanese art.

During the 1860s, Tissot was known as one of the most important collectors of Japanese art in Paris.

In the nineteenth century ningyo were introduced to the West.

The competitive trade was eventually regulated by government, meaning that doll makers could be arrested or banished for breaking laws on materials and height.

It was during the Edo period that most of the traditional dolls developed.

Unlike Tissot, Adeline is recognized as a true collector.

A majority of Adeline’s collection consisted of ningyo, and only a few prints.

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