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I wrote this poem for all the homosexuals who feel alone and judged because of what they are and what they love.The inspiration actually came to me after MY girlfriend was upset because she was made fun of because of us and I got sick of all the discrimination.just a note- this poem has some references to the Christian beliefs and religion.I have NOTHING against that faith, even though I do mention it in this poem. We walk the fine line Between insanity and love Love is love Isnt it?

we are different unique beautiful; we stand strong against the names the pain love is love but hate is hate what is left for those who feel both and yet neither?

The LGBTQ community has been struggling with a huge problem since the beginning of humanity.

Ignorant and misguided members of society refuse to acknowledge that they are within their rights to choose their orientation and not be expected to explain themselves.

It doesn’t matter if you both have penises or if you both have vaginas or if you both have either – what matters is how you apply yourself using these organs. ] Your sexual orientation can and will be discussed in your relationships, but that’s all.

It is not the basis for how you treat or talk to your partner.

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#9 “Are you sure you’re not attracted to your friend? [Read: 10 answers to dumb questions people ask lesbians] #10 “Was the sex better when you were with a girl/guy?

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