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For complete happiness, all they lack is one thing - a reliable and good man. It's not that strong sex has completely disappeared from the horizon.

But the search for a man is done with varying success.

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But in fact it is from this moment that everything begins....

Latvia is a country that is better represented by women. They follow trends, go to all kinds of courses, improve...

"Only among 5 of my girlfriends, I notice that the five are efficient, kind, intelligent, hardworking, successful, loving cooking and they have their own living space, they are women between 25 and 40 years old.

In the 30-40 age group, the mortality rate for men is three times higher than for women.

Here, we must first answer the question: why did a Latvian woman reach this age without a husband and children?

If there was no man in her life before that age because she was expecting an ideal prince on her white horse - it is a sad case.

They have an idea of family life: they know how to refuse something to someone, to reconcile their ways and habits with many people.

On the other hand, will it be the case of a solitary, intelligent, discriminating and self-sufficient beauty? At the slightest problem - it is easier for her to chase away man than to make compromises...

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