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There are seven distinct linguistic groups in the Romani language, which reveals the insularity of smaller units, and also the problem of attempting to address them as a single cultural group.

They are also somewhat difficult to address along with other immigrant groups, because unlike many émigrés, the Romani are strongly characterized by their ability to resist assimilation by dominant cultures.

The watchdog also ruled that the broadcaster had irresponsibly by depicting a child - one of the two young teenagers pictured in low-cut tops - in a sexualised way.

The term ‘gypsy’ is a misnomer dating back to the sixteenth century, when the English somehow conceived the idea that these strangers had come from Egypt (hence the ‘gyp’ in ‘gypsy’).

The Romani, who were forbidden to attend school, remained almost entirely illiterate, and therefore lacked a voice with which to proclaim their own identities and histories. “The Origin and Function of the Gypsy Image in Children’s Literature.” The Lion and the Unicorn: A Critical Journal of Children’s Literature. Their life on the fringes of the bustling economies around them was probably much more difficult than romantic portrayal suggests. The second stereotype of the ‘gypsy’, which was propagated in folklore, and which appears most often in the Gothic, was the wicked character with the ability to bestow curses, steal things (and children), and see the future. Since in literature they have been cast as a race to be romanticized and demonized, their actual history has been obscured. Trumpener highlights the dangers of this ‘literarization’ of the Romani with an example from World War II, during which the Nazi secret police justified their persecution of the Romani by citing Schiller’s depiction of them.

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