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When Louis Armstrong and his band come into the club, the patrons are clapping to the wrong beat.The clapping on the pre-recorded soundtrack is on the second and fourth beats, while the patrons are seen clapping on the first and third beats.

It is a shame that Hollywood portrays Americans as uncultured imbeciles; this is all about the bottom line (profits).

He was found at a house in Lamont, California that was being monitored by law enforcement.

RELATED: Officer's death could be avoided if not for California's sanctuary law, says sheriff According to Kern County Sheriff, when SWAT deputies surrounded that home, Arriaga surrendered without incident.

Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman play the ill-fated couple; and do quite well, as has already been mentioned in several reviews.

While the story itself is not original, the cinematography is; you will see the street markets; walking along the Seine, Montmartre, Notre Dame, etc.

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