Girls guide to dating geeks being too accommodating in a relationship

If you still believe that geek girls walk around town with big spectacles, shaggy hair, and dresses that sweep the pavements, then your impression of them is woefully misguided.

The stereotype of the dateless virgin bookworm is dated. Many nerdy girls now possess the kind of looks one normally associates with Miss World contestants and A-list Hollywood actresses.

He has even written an entire post about approaching tall girls with confidence.

Over the years, Rami has shared his thoughts about love and romance, and many readers have joined him on his journey and become invested in his story.

The only differentiator between her and the rest is that she prioritizes intellectual matters over social matters; she doesn’t have that much time for guys and merriment.

In the past years, there used to be a social stigma for both men and women attached to geekdom. There might be a cavalcade of factors behind this evolution, but the rise of the internet and tech likely played a substantial role in the nerd’s ascent.

Rami said he has heard from men who lost their virginity or got married after taking his advice, and it means the world to him to know that he’s made such a monumental difference in so many lives.

When Rami began blogging, his primary objective in life was to get a date on Saturday night.

Under the moniker The Gutsy Geek, he wrote about the strategies he used and the lessons he learned along the way.

Rami told us he used to post twice a week or more on Gutsy Geek to bring a larger audience into the loop and keep people engaged, but now he feels that he has established an avid geeky following and is content to speak directly to those guys.

“Nowadays people know and recognize me enough, I focus on catering to my loyal readers,” he explained.

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