Genius game plans lame companion rhonda dating cure

The techniques of Vedic astrology are far more complicated than those of Western astrology.(I’m not being an astrology snob here – even a Western astrologer would tell you that!

So you feel stuck between wanting some help and advice, and wanting to give up on love altogether. maybe it’s not that there’s anything “wrong” with you – maybe it’s WORSE – maybe you somehow “missed your destiny” and now someone else is married to your husband!

) It has to be because you’re TOO SOMETHING, doesn’t it?

Are you too broke, or the opposite – too successful (’cause that supposedly intimidates men, right?

It is meant to sing to the Disney Paul Bunyan theme.

If You’re Still Single and Almost Ready to Give Up on Love, Then Get Ready to Discover How Your Astrological Archetype Is Keeping You from Finding and Keeping a Great Guy… Well-meaning friends and family have perhaps told you that you’re “too picky” or that you should “make more effort” or that you need to “dress better” or “change your hairdo” or “try internet dating…” You almost don’t even want to talk about it anymore to anyone, because no one seems to really understand how difficult and frustrating it is to do the best you can, and still have zero luck with relationships.

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Well, what if I told you that NONE of those reasons are why you’re single?

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