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If you are not familiar with this policy, please read Thou Shalt Not Touch: The Six Inch Rule.While an infinitesimally small number of unmarried students kept the six-inch rule, the rest of us broke the rule with gusto.The pastor, of course, told them that anal sex was the same as vaginal sex. Why would anyone think that anal sex (or oral) was not “real” sex.Because in IFB churches the only hole God made for sex is judiciously protected against insertion of anything besides tampons.Billy Bob’s sperm hooked up with Sister Mary Lou’s eggs.)From their teen years forward, IFB girls hear repeated warnings about having premarital sex and losing their virginity.

(And on the extreme end of the IFB church movement, there are pastors who believe that married couples should only engage in vaginal sex, missionary position, while thinking how wonderful it would be if Bro.While some students were able to keep their virginity intact, other students scampered around the bases and slid into to home.Those caught breaking the six-inch rule were usually campused (not permitted to leave campus) on first offense.This way, the threat of embarrassment and scandal for IFB churches, pastors, and parents is eliminated. Why not take preventive measures, especially since any honest IFB preacher knows that more unmarrieds than not will eventually do the dirty deed.When I was asked this very question years ago, I told the questioner that allowing girls to use birth control was akin to saying to them that it was okay to have sex.

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It didn’t matter that most married adult IFB church members failed to just say no.

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