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There are two main ways to use categories: lists and topics.

When starting a subcategory, making an early decision about whether it is a list or a topic will reduce later renames, recategorizations, and discussions.

When an article belongs to a category, it will contain a special link to a page that describes the category.

Similarly, when a sub-category belongs to a parent category, it will contain a special link to the parent category's page.

Category Tree browser at the Toolserver is a Java Script category browser, but it is marked "deprecated".

Cat Scan, also at the Toolserver, can be used to find subcategories.

They are "called" (inserted) by placing the template name, within the braces, on a page on which that text is wanted.

Categories do not form a strict hierarchy or tree of categories, since each article can appear in more than one category, and each category can appear in more than one parent category.Despite the difference in how they are maintained, it is sometimes convenient to think of a category as a list of articles. One example is the scientific classification of organisms, which would only place an article in one category. Wikipedia could be in Category: Wikis and Category: Encyclopedias.While an article may be in multiple lists, the goal is that browsing downwards from a list parent category, e.g. List categories are likely to also be subcategories of topic categories.There are many fewer navigation templates than categories; only important topics have them.There is no requirement that a page be linked in a navigation template, whereas every page must belong to at least one category, and almost always more.

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Further information on this topic can be found at Wikipedia: Categories, lists, and navigation templates.

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