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The blacklegged ticks can also transmit other disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and parasites. These ticks that transmit Lyme are increasing their geographical spread.As of 2016, they were found in about half the counties in 43 of 50 states in the United States (3).

This palsy is sometimes mistakenly called Bell’s palsy.Lyme is the fifth most reported of notifiable diseases in the United States, with an estimated 329,000 new cases found annually ().Some studies estimate that there are as many as 1 million cases of Lyme in the United States every year (5).In fact, it can be difficult to distinguish Lyme flu symptoms from a common flu or viral infection.But, unlike a viral flu, for some people the Lyme flu-like symptoms come and go.

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Or you may be confused about where you are or why you’re there.

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