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Zoosk is another popular hookup site which is growing fast every single day with the number of visitors being 4 million every month, just through the Google search engine.The site was launched in 2007 as a user site of Facebook and since then it has gained more and more popularity over the years and caters to singles who are straight, gay and even couples which means you will probably find someone if you use the site.It is location-based so you can find hot people to have fun with nearby easily.It has an overwhelming amount of users registered on it and you can rest assured that you will find a lot of matches among the millions of people who are using it.Give Tinder a try if you haven’t already and you won’t be disappointed, that is for sure. It has its headquarters in Texas with many different branches spanning a lot of places but that is not what we are interested in.It has one of the biggest databases of users and is one of the best hookup sites till date with a huge success rate when it comes to people hooking up and getting into flings, relationships and even getting married but mostly the hooking up part.In the free version you get popups over and over again which are annoying for many reasons.

We would recommend you to stick with the free version – Investigate first, if you find everything fine only then opting for paid plans.

The theme of site is pretty simple and straight forward – get laid.

After signing up you’ll be taken to membership upgrade page which offers Cell phone texting, Private Friend Photos, and Get Action Guarantee (Its written inside their terms and condition that you get a month free membership if you’re not satisfied) in their paid version.

The site is extremely popular in the United States so if you are a US dweller, do give this one a shot. The profile creation process takes about 10 minutes to complete as you will be given a set of questionnaires which you will have to complete and they will be based on 3 categories.

The algorithm of uses these answers to find you the perfect match based on your preferences and provides 5 matches every day to kick start the users’ dating journey.

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It sends you one match a day and has both a free and premium membership policy with the latter providing advanced customization ability for the users.

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