Filthy sex chat bot

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Chatbots are typically used in dialog systems for various practical purposes including customer service or information acquisition.

You run a business and want to learn more about your customers. Access our Chat Bot on: Telegram: search_chatbot Facebook: @chatbotsearch Twitter: @Cheshire0003Web: Endurance Donations and appraisals are welcome!

In other words, they think you’re there and paying attention, even though you (read: me! Jersey resident Irene Chang came up with the idea after finding it impossible to keep up with her friends and their group chats on Facebook Messenger.

The Chat Bot Club uses Cisco Spark and IBM Watson to run bots which learn your style — such as favorite phrases, emojis of choice, etc — and mimic it in groups.

The deluge of information on Facebook is why I no longer bother to check the social network — because, even when I try my hardest, I miss the important announcements like baby births and marriage proposals.

So, once again, I miss most of my friends’ news and updates, but, added to that, they know I’m not reading or taking part in the discussion like I should be.

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