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He frequently lectures on the political broadcasting rules and regulations administered by the Federal Communications Commission and has represented broadcaster associations before the Federal Communications Commission, Federal Trade Commission, Federal Election Commission and U. He serves as Washington Counsel to several state broadcaster associations.

He also works with telecommunications companies and with radio device manufacturers to obtain FCC approvals and to assure regulatory compliance. Skall served as the Chief Counsel for the National Telecommunications and Information Administration and Acting General Counsel to the White House Office of Telecommunications Policy.

We got to learn more about who Johnna was and how Wayne felt the system failed her.

We also tracked down key people who’ve either worked for or with the medical board to help us understand how the regulatory arm makes decisions about whether or not to revoke a doctor’s license.

So we reviewed three dozen of the most significant cases since 2010, which we found was around the same time pill mills started coming under increased scrutiny by law enforcement.

We peeled back the layers, one by one, and found there was so much more to uncover.

Frank Younker, a former agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration, and Mike Staples, a former medical board investigator, both walked us through the process.

Ultimately, their interviews were eye-opening – their experiences found the medical board to be “reactive” rather than proactive with license revocation, and they also found there to be a lack of consistency with doctor discipline.

And ultimately, he was able to go on to run one of the biggest pill mills in Ohio, helping to fuel the crisis. We also wondered, if there was a pattern of problems, could this have contributed to the opioid crisis as a whole?

We went back into our archives to see how many other doctors federal and state prosecutors had announced indictments in past years for pill mills.

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