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The edition was of two hundred and fifty copies, of which about seventy were put in circulation by gift.Many pirated editions were issued after Shelley's death both in England and America, and the poem was especially popular with the Owenites.

It may fairly be regarded, poetically and intellectually, as the result of the three preceding years, from the eighteenth to the twenty-first of the poet's life.

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Percy Bysshe Shelley Introductory Note ECRASEZ L'INFAME! Avia Pieridum peragro loca, nullius ante Trita solo, juvat integros accedere fonteis; Atque haurire: juvatque novos decerpere flores. Another of his favorite books was the poem of Gebir, by Walter Savage Landor.' Queen Mab is, in form, what would be expected from such preferences.

His fertile imagination, and ear tuned to the finest sense of harmony, preserved him from imitation.

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He dissented from all that was established in society, for the most part very radically, and was a believer in the perfectibility of man by moral means. Shelley's note is most just: 'He was animated to greater zeal by compassion for his fellow-creatures.

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