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The example below shows // email and password credentials but there are multiple possible providers, // such as Google Auth Provider or Facebook Auth Provider.Auth Credential credential = Email Auth Provider Credential("[email protected]", "password1234"); // Prompt the user to re-provide their sign-in credentials user.reauthenticate(credential) On Complete Listener(new On Complete Listener Changing password in firebase is bit tricky.For all of its phones, Samsung offers a feature that lets you remotely manage the device if you lose it.You’ll need to be signed into your Samsung account on your phone, and must have either a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.This cuts down on the amount of time needed to access the documents, and also eliminates the need to manually delete the downloaded copy.This new support and bug fixes aside, Google says the Drive on Android update also brings some stability improvements.One way to allow your users to change their password is to show a dialog where they enter their current password and the new password they'd like. You can easily access and customize your own letter from the Firebase Console.You then sign in (or re-authenticate) the user with the current passwordand call Now, needless to burden yourself querying around your database to find whether the Email exits or not, Firebase m Auth will handle that for you.

For example: Firebase User user = Firebase Instance()Current User(); // Get auth credentials from the user for re-authentication.Anyone with the password can view the file…assuming they’re opening it in an application that supports the feature.Though many desktop software options include support for these password-protected files, viewing them on mobile outside of the actual Office app can be problematic.But if you forgot your phone passcode, you can get locked out of your device.There’s a greater risk of forgetting thanks to the fingerprint scanners on modern devices that render passwords as a backup.

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