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Users can find code examples they need in an open source directory on github or follow any bot directory to get insights into best practice bot building.While a professional platform always has a learning curve, the functionality should be intuitive to use and maximize the productivity of the user in question.This means providing intelligent functionality that appears almost like magic to users, be it the ability to respond to voice commands or direct a conversation back to the “happy path” without the user noticing.A business wants its brand to be associated with advanced technologies that simplify user’s lives and bots are a great opportunity to do that.

Openness means many things including being able to see and change the source code, being able to use a free version until you are comfortable with the technology and being able to easy integrate with any software out there via an api.

Having the widest range of out of the box functionality available for designing and implementing the interactions between users and bots is key.

Botpress offers the important integrated components of a bot framework out of the box such as a visual flow builder, a native NLP engine, the ability to connect to third party tools (such as third party NLP engines including Dialog Flow, Watson and Luis), connectors to chat platforms, easy integration with existing systems and much more.

It should never been hard to build simple bots but also not limit the bot builder to just creating simple bots.

Botpress is built around a flow builder that allows creator to design and customize each flow and node within a flow for a conversational use case.

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