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*_* Also, i think Jiro is getting so much hotter these days, if that is even possible XDD permalink .w00tzz! In the subsequent interview with reporters, Aaron revealed his eye's condition.

He disclosed that he used a wrong method to exercise, overexerted himself plus with the frequent flying, caused the little blood vessels inside the eye to rupture.

On December 28, 2005, Fahrenheit officially became a vocal quartet boy band.

permalink yea..month i'm goin to their concert in Malaysia...i oredi got my tickets... even dow fahrenheit has also been one of my fav but now not anymore because i now know better Taiwanese artists like Angela Zhang! I have the Japanese version and I'm saying Japanese VERSION but I'm not even sure if there are any other versions for this song... One fan went as far as to drink 1 sip of Coke and pass to Aaron to drink.

Their popularity immediately rose after the soundtracks were released, but was only limited to Taiwan and Mainland China.

After their first album was released, their fan base had extended to Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and the rest of Southeast Asia.

: D : D : RBheart: : RBheart: : RBhalo: : RBhalo: : D : RBhalo: : RBheart: :love: :love: :totallylove: :jangel: :laugh: :lovec: :laughing: :giggle: :boogie: :wink: permalink i like their new album "yue lai yue ai" my favorite song is "ji mo bao zou" although i don't like the girl in this MV because she's so close with arron *i'm jealous* wo yue lai yue ai fei lun hai ^-^ permalink i just bought their latest album, Love you more and more, this week *_* it`s soooooooooooooooooooooo good!!! permalink i really like the song Zhao Xing Fu Gei Ni, Liu Xia Lai, and Summer Snow ^.^ i think they are amazing~ and they're allso cute too!! hohoh Oo~ : RBheart: : RBheart: : RBheart: permalink btw i'm so happy now coz fahrenheit will held mini concert in my country on christmas day this year. But unexpectedly Aaron took it and drink from the bottle causing the audience to scream loudly. Wu Chun must train Yan Ya Lun During the event, Aaron was wearing sunglasses and aroused people's curosity.

and it comes with lots of goods, like stickers and a clear file! finally i have opportunity to watch their concert directly with my own eyes :boogie: :boogie: can't wait until christmas come :) yalun....for me : RBheart: : RBheart: permalink i recommend some my favorite song for you but sorry i don't know the title song in english 1. It was reported that his eyes were uncomfortable and was a bit bloodshot.

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They discovered Yan, who, at that time, was really popular online, and thus recommended him to go casting for a role in a drama.

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