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Feminists are always saying that it doesn’t matter how a woman dresses. Sure her body may be beautiful, but you have to realize that for guys, the beauty of a woman’s body eclipses her inner beauty (especially with all the movies out there that are geared towards teenage boys and celebrate guys sleeping around).

Women who tend to objectify themselves are more likely to have eating disorders, low self-esteem, and depression, and they are more prone to being sexual risk-takers.

However, as an adult, it would be a bit more difficult for me to agree with her.

I believe there is a way to date and still make sure your kids come first.

Oh, and your kid will be a special snowflake because you spend all your time and energy catering to them. You're a selfish slut who is putting your child's needs last and your own desires first.

Your kid will feel left out and forgotten while you pursue a new man or start a new family.

And that new man is probably going to mistreat or abuse your child.

There's some truth in all that, but real life is not so cut and dry.

I get so many calls from parents concerned about their kids being out of control and acting like they are adults in committed relationships.

The problem with exposing kids to sex has far more to do with trivialization and objectification than simply encouraging kids to do it.

It has to do with what kids are taught about human connection. When a woman dresses provocatively, it basically tells the universe that it is the best she has to offer.

Unfortunately, I have seen many people not do that..that is when it really affects the children. But, I wonder what life would be like if your mom had not remarried and had another child...maybe she was much happier. Did you ever think what Christmas would be like for her when you were with your dad, etc.?

I truly believe you don't need a man to be happy but I also think step families etc. I personally don't like applying hard and fast rules like this to child-raising.

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Their kids are shacking up because they’re still rebelling and don’t want to follow the rules.

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