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If you know you need to be "putting yourself out there" but you have no idea how to do that ... This workshop will give you a path of 10 simple steps you can start taking today that will help you get out of your comfort zone and out into the world — doubling your chances of being in the right places at the right times to meet really great guys (one of whom might just be your person! These 10 steps will help you blaze right past the intimidation we so often feel (and the excuses we so often make!Or if you think you know how to put yourself out there, but getting yourself to actually do it is another story... ) that keep us from putting ourselves out there and meeting amazing guys. These 10 steps will also help you make more friends, have more adventures, enjoy your life more, and feel more confident in the process! "This workshop was exactly what I needed to jumpstart my dating life again.

Double Your Dating Prospects is for the woman who is ready to go on more adventures, to discover new passions, to meet more friends, and to see God more clearly. Once you're all signed up, that information will allow you to log in to a private website where you can see the videos and workbook that make up the content of the workshop.

You have to be willing to work for the change you want, and if you are, Stephanie gives you amazing resources and suggestions to do just that. So many of us are new to the world of online courses and workshops (and they can feel a bit confusing at times!

This workshop gave me permission to not just hope for the best in life, but helped motivate me to go out and make it happen." Double Your Dating Prospects is a map for the woman who is ready to see what's waiting beyond her comfort zone. ), so let’s break down what it actually looks like to join us.

Saying about how it was the best thing since sliced bread and how it really helped him save his relationship with his girlfriend. Fireworks were going off in my head, “OHHH that’s why SHE did that! I was literally smiling for a day straight after I realized that I KNEW how attract girls now!

Guys who have read his book have described it as “going in on one side of the tunnel and coming out, new and transformed on the other side”. He also told me that the book would help me with my “! Curiosity got the best of me and I searched the web for more information about his book, Double Your Dating. What I found the most useful in his book was when he explained what creates attraction among people and how you just “turn it on” to attract the women that you like.

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