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Industrial production of aluminum was new, then; methods for working with it at any real scale had only been developed in 1886.

He opened a shop, crafting strong, lightweight aluminum versions of pots and pans that had previously been only available in iron.

The thinner, lighter, larger mugfuls of coffee were more a northern European, and North American, thing.

Coffee as a beverage first shows up in the historical record—which is not necessarily to say that it wasn’t consumed in its native Ethiopia first—in what is now Yemen.Legend has it that the idea for the moka pot came from a laundry boiler, though that’s not confirmed.What is known is that the La Pavoni device was very trendy, and there was also a precedent for a smaller coffee machine: the is a small metal device with three sections: a chamber of water, a small puck of coffee in the middle, and a chamber on the other end for brewed coffee.Luigi Bezzera, from Milan, modified the Moriondo patent, and Pavoni’s device was a large complex metal contraption that worked, roughly, like this.A compartment of water on the bottom of the device is heated by placing the entire thing on a flame.

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