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Fincher also finds stand-out performances from each member of the cast, including the criminally-underrated Jake Gyllenhaal.

is the perfect study not only in how to adapt literature to film, but also in how to enact unreliable narration on screen—how to take the voice and perspective of a narrator (that unique feature of literature) and Conceptually, the founding of social media giant Facebook should make for a seemingly dry non-fiction viewing. Who could've thought that One of Fincher's lesser-known films stars Michael Douglas as an investment banker who finds himself trapped in a reality-bending game.

"Next year we're looking at the Atlanta child murders, so we'll have a lot more African-American music which will be nice," Fincher previously said of the second season and how music will play an integral role."The music will evolve.

And we were kind of like, "I'm not here for this, I'm just here to pull cable." We were the youngest people there and we ended up being the grips and electrics on everybody else's movies, and it was pretty good those six or seven weeks, we got to shoot Panaflex cameras and make a married print--it was in black and white and you made these little cheeseball movies, but at least you were making "something." It was kind of like film school in that way, but those who can't do, teach, and those who couldn't teach, taught there.

But in Fincher's hands, the film transforms into a nightmare-like Greek tragedy. The atmosphere is unmistakably Fincher, but also with a dash of Franz Kafka.

And it's only after the movie finishes that you realize only Fincher could have pulled off such a performance. It's one of his more action-packed thrillers, but with just as much psychological tension.

Well, we finally know exactly when season two will drop – and luckily we have just over a month to wait.

Those catching up to the Fincher phenomena may be wondering what else to watch.Mank had famously spent time at William Randolph Hearst’s castle in San Simeon with Hearst’s wife, Marion Davies, which gave him such close and personal access that, it is rumored, Mank knew that Hearst had a pet name for Davies’ golden clam, Rosebud, and trolled Hearst by putting it in Kane.What is great about the story of Kane is what it says about William Randolph Hearst directly and indirectly and what a fit Hearst had about it.He was born on August 28, 1962, as David Andrew Leo Fincher in Denver, Colorado, U. He is the son of Howard Kelly “Jack” Fincher, an author from Oklahoma who worked as a reporter and bureau chief for Life and Claire Mae, a mental health nurse who worked in drug addiction programs. He started his career by working at Korty Films as a production head.After that, he moved up the ranks and became a visual effects producer, as well as working on the animated Twice Upon a Time.

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