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Start by using this opportunity to learn more about her.Ask about her history (family, school, jobs), her current life, and her future goals (where does she see herself in five years? Then, broaden out a bit to the general (sports, movies, music, whatever she seems interested in), so you have a chance to find out how well your tastes match up. Use what you’ve learned to ask her advice on a great horror movie that could make you a fan as big as she is, or the band you really need to hear.At the same time, it also makes it easier to find things to talk about on a first date. Essentially, you have to be able to think on your feet. Here are 8 steps to know how to construct your conversation as you go: You’ll need more than the framework laid out above, but a framework isn’t a bad place to start.You’ve made it through most of the date, but now you’re at the crucial moment: the kiss. Use the 3 Best Things to Talk About and other sections to give yourself a leg up from the start.

If you’re good at it, then jokes can be a great first date tool.While you don’t want to lay it on too thick, tell her when she makes a clever point and remind her you think she’s looking great. Use some of these other articles to get the rest of the way: While it won’t take you all the way, having things to talk about will make it a lot easier to relax and focus on getting closer to the girl you like.There are plenty of first date tips out there, but few of them are as effective as having the right things to say on that crucial first romantic get together.That in and of itself is a major step for any guy, and you should feel proud you’ve pulled it off.But, of course, getting to that first date is only part of how to get a girlfriend.

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