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Usually, chaos gods are defeated by younger gods and in the process, humanity is created out of their drama. According to the Enuma Elish, Apsu, “the begetter,” and the goddess Tiamat were the first two primeval entities.

Both are associated with water: Apsu representing waters lying under the earth and Tiamat representing the seas lying above.

Instead, they hide in fear after realizing they are naked – so their rebellion was futile.

Also, if Adam and Eve could gain knowledge of good and evil, this presupposes that evil – or at least the potential for evil – already existed in the world.

The serpent tells Eve that if she eats the fruit, “You will be like God, knowing good and evil.” (Genesis 3:5) Thus, Eve has a choice to make – she has the free will to choose to either eat the fruit and possibly become like God or to say no.

Each belief system has a story of how the world was created and human life came to be.

In many of these “creation myths,” a god or gods shape, manipulative, or in some way interact with a pre-existing darkness or chaos to create order.

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