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With Hof helming Richards’ former operation, the Cherry Patch has since been renamed the Love Ranch and is now open for business, giving Hof his first presence near Las Vegas.Crystal is only about an 80-mile drive from Vegas in Nye County. “I couldn’t be happier to be in the Las Vegas market,” he elaborates.

“He said he was still getting asked about it, years later.” Hof has for decades conducted business in the Carson City/Reno area, but he’s now cavorting in our backyard in Crystal, just off Highway 160 northwest of Pahrump.There is nothing inside the many trays designed to hold fuel.The two aliens, Zuniqua and Zablo consider going back to their home planet Zorbidor.“The Bunny Ranch is a high-standard brand.” The new brothel should be open by the spring.Hof also is involved in an upcoming reality TV show that would feature himself and his girlfriend, fellow brothel-industry figure Heidi Fleiss (whose brother, Jason, was killed Dec.

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  1. Waste of time The premise would be ok i guess if the two hosts had any personality but my god, i came here to listen to their review of my favorite podcast the weekly planet and it was a near unbearable listen.