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My best advice is to stay busy, and be understanding that he’s going to be busy/stressed out a lot. I'm hoping we can communicate well while he's on deployment because he said he could by gone anywhere from 6-8 months and that's really stressful for me to think about :( being that we're also in a new relationship Hey, my bf and I were in the exact same situation!

I'd never dated anyone in the military before and we'd only been dating a month when he deployed.

Couldn’t really skype/face time so it was more a phone call every other day for less than an hour or so, if I’m lucky. My fiancé and I dated two months before he first got deployed and I’ll tell you it was really hard! I know it’s hard not to think about him being gone but try to enjoy your time together. He did tell me today though that it'll be anywhere from 6-8 months.I know that he may or may not have internet depending on where he's at during his deployment and I know that I can write to him and send him care packages. Sorry for the questions and feeling of uncertainty.This is my first military relationship and he and I are both 22. :(I second the whole “comfortable with your grandmother” seeing thing about care packages.Even when I was in the pre-deployment phase, my fellow soldiers loved to see how cute we were when sneaking in late-night calls.His texts were 'I can't wait to make more memories with you,' and 'you make me the happiest person.' Looking back now, I feel like I was so stupid to believe it. I landed and reported to my new home for the next nine months, and I could barely get a response from him.

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