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if you don’t give them a reason to feel that hunger and desire, they will generally lose interest.That’s not to say that I’m trying to convince you to play games or mess with your man… What I’m encouraging you to do is to actually have a passion and life outside your man.Anything quick and fun is a great way to connect with your guy through text.And the more you make a guy laugh, the more he’ll be into you… Guys LOVE sexy text messages – especially if things are starting to get serious.

”A little effort goes a long way and it gives him something more substantial to reply to. I mean, don’t YOU like it when a guy asks about your life? So show HIM that you also care by asking him thoughtful questions.I’m sure some of you follow funny Instagram accounts…if a meme or video makes you laugh, don’t be afraid to send it to him!So do your best and try and be cheerful, positive, and upbeat… There are many reasons to be a “cup half-full” kinda gal, so really, you’ve got nothing to lose!Once your man sees how constantly chipper you are to text with, he’s going to be coming back for more and more.

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but along the same lines, if you DON’T respond for a few days, he’ll lose interest because he’ll feel like you’re just not into him anymore.

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