Dating a girl from a rich family philippe reines dating

If you're looking for financial security, however, bucks are the bottom line.

Though we often indulge in the romantic notion that financial security and true love come as a matching set, such cases are rare.

In fact, if you're marrying for money, you can expect to compromise when it comes to compatibility. Finding a rich man and convincing him he NEEDS you is a well-planned and choreographed undertaking.

There's no time for insecurity and little room for emotional indulgence.

Have you always dreamed you'd marry a rich man who would pamper and protect you? ATTITUDE Before you even dream about climbing the economic dating ladder, make sure you've got the right attitude about yourself and the relationship you're after.

It doesn't take youth or beauty to wed your way to wealth. If true love is your ultimate goal, you're more likely to find it grocery shopping than studying a man's bank statement.

Your new attitude may not take effect overnight, but there are some rules you should follow while your confidence is building.

START SMALL You may be dreaming of the majors, but most ladies have to work their way up from the minor league.

Identify his void, whatever it is, and know if you have the ability to fill it.Chances are, you don't know very many multi-millionaires.However, you probably know men who are in a better professional and financial situation than you are.This doesn't mean you have to become sexually or emotionally involved with the men who serve as rungs on the ladder to marrying a rich man.In fact, sexual indiscretion can actually sabotage your future seductions.

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