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She will sit in the couch and talk like everyone else.

The only difference is that her husband lead her everywhere she goes. While I would prefer a woman who is not blind, I would still be able to date a blind woman.

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To be honest, I probably wouldn't, and i disdain myself for saying this, but it would be too restrictive, and I'd want my love to at least be able to look into my eyes. But I am she should would have no problem finding somebody, hopefully someone who liked her for who she was as a person.Hearing someone’s voice, observing what they are talking about or perhaps get an idea of their physique by holding an arm or shaking hands as well as their voice can be enough to know that you fancy them.Smell is also important.” I’m sorry Mr Fit body Soft voice, but you aint showered in ages, or you don’t use any interesting aftershave or cream to make you smell interesting.” So going away from personality, which obviously is important whether sighted or blind, physique, good smell and nice voice are things a blind person will go on to determine whether they like you or not.I’ve also had sighted men ask how they can attract a blind woman.Blind women are the same as any women out there, so there’s no one answer to that question.

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While I would prefer a woman who is not blind, I would still be able to date a blind woman.

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