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Resultant hypoproteinemia may be severe enough to cause generalized edema.

Thickened secretions also may cause liver problems in patients with CF.

Many of these symptoms occur when bacteria that normally inhabit the thick mucus grow out of control and cause pneumonia.

In later stages, changes in the architecture of the lung, such as pathology in the major airways (bronchiectasis), further exacerbate difficulties in breathing.

Thus, CF is considered an autosomal recessive disease.

The CFTR gene, found at the q31.2 locus of chromosome 7, is 230,000 base pairs long, and creates a protein that is 1,480 amino acids long.

Bile secreted by the liver to aid in digestion may block the bile ducts, leading to liver damage.

The pancreas contains the islets of Langerhans, which are responsible for making insulin, a hormone that helps regulate blood glucose.Another is infection with Mycobacterium avium complex, a group of bacteria related to tuberculosis, which can cause lung damage and does not respond to common antibiotics.Mucus in the paranasal sinuses is equally thick and may also cause blockage of the sinus passages, leading to infection.This condition, called meconium ileus, occurs in 5–10% The thick mucus seen in the lungs has a counterpart in thickened secretions from the pancreas, an organ responsible for providing digestive juices that help break down food.These secretions block the exocrine movement of the digestive enzymes into the duodenum and result in irreversible damage to the pancreas, often with painful inflammation (pancreatitis).

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In addition to typical bacterial infections, people with CF more commonly develop other types of lung disease.

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