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"It makes us – cougar women – feel like dirty perverts.” A Google spokeswoman denied it had engaged in sexism.

The 1967 Hollywood film The Graduate, starred Anne Bancroft played the original "cougar", where she chased after a young Dustin Hoffman.Here’s her defense: The Myth: Cougars Are Imaginary Creatures At the same moment I launched my book, Females and Younger Men, to point out the global trend of women dating and marrying younger men and explain why this trend has occurred, a study came out from a college professor.The study was based on researching dating websites and his own interviews.So did Judith Brower Fancher, author of Females and Younger Men.Fancher approached Ask Men with a request to reassure our readers that cougars do, in fact, exist.

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The search giant labelled Cougar Life, which promotes relationships between older women and younger men, “non family safe” despite allowing website that publicise such liaisons between older men and younger women.

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