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It will save a lot of time if you have to replace it.

I repair sprinkler systems for a living so I see the problems.

Changing the timer is less time consuming that a valve.

Most manufacturers produce the commercial type sprinkler heads, and the (cheaper) homeowner style. Always us a swing joint between the fitting and the sprinkler head.

Or am I condemned to letting 7 mature oak trees (and the rest of the existing plants) die?

I just can't keep this manual watering up in 100 degree temps and plus I need a more frugal system than hoses. You get what you pay for when it comes to sprinkler systems.

I have just received two estimates for a sprinkler system at my new (as of Oct. This is for front and rear yards and I do realize this is a large property (.40 acres) but YOW! Are these guys a little (especially the second) overpriced?If it did we would only need one valve to operate the system.Buy the best valve you can, it will last longer and save you money on repairs or replacement. Always install a good shut off valve between the water main and the valves.Money spent up front will save you time and money down the road.I have been messing with sprinkler systems for over 25 years and now that I do it professionally, I have seen it all.

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I am thinking about possibly investing in a sprinkler system soon.

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