Consolidating debt pros and cons

This agreement allows you to make a single monthly payment to the debt consolidation company who then distributes payments to your creditors.The negotiated settlement percentage is often agreed to in advance between the debt consolidation company and your creditors.Depending on your income and your personal situation, you may want or need to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy which consolidates your debts.Similar to debt consolidation, you pay a percentage of your unsecured debts (credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, foreclosures, repossessions, etc.) back over a period of time.” American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) is a nonprofit credit counseling agency that works to help individuals and families find a personalized path out of debt.We offer free credit counseling and low-cost financial services that include debt management, bankruptcy counseling and more.If you are considering bankruptcy, please contact Duncan Law, PLLC to discuss your options.When you’ve got high balances on lots of credit cards, consolidating credit card debt may seem like an appealing idea.

In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you must obtain approval from the bankruptcy court for the purchase of cars, homes or other items that cause you to incur additional debt.By paying off a variety of cards with a new loan or a card at a lower interest rate, you can theoretically save some money and reduce your stress over finances.However, consolidating credit card debt is not a smart choice for every consumer.Bankruptcy is viable option when a fresh start is needed.Depending on the individual’s circumstances, bankruptcy can provide a repayment plan, a Chapter 13, or a debt elimination plan, a Chapter 7.

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