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“We totally forgot about that song,” says Bridgers.“It was one of the first ones we wrote and we tried to fucking record it on Garage Band and we’re both—sorry Conor—horrible, horrible engineers. Garage Band was literally made for 12-year-olds with laptops.” It turns out their producer Andy Le Master was the mastermind behind the album version.I think when we were writing, the biggest difference I notice is Phoebe is a little more of a perfectionist than I am.I’ll write a lot of stuff quickly and she’s a bit more thoughtful and she was definitely like, ‘Ok let’s step back from this and try to make it better.’ I think that helped the writing process because there was another person who I really respect that was pushing it forward to be better than it would’ve been if it was just me alone in a room.” The two are avid fans of each other—speaking far more endearingly of each other’s work than their own.

“We definitely knew we wanted it to not be guitar-centric and stuff.He’s the one that threw down the pulsing keyboard thing.” On the acoustic guitar-backed album opener, “I Didn’t Know What I Was in For,” they don’t pull their punches when it comes to candid emotional intensity.They emphatically sing in retrospect, “I didn’t know what I was in for / When I signed up for that run / There’s no way I’m curing cancer / But I’ll sweat it out / I feel so proud now for all the good I’ve done.” Both have been touring and recording relentlessly through the years and the track’s contemplative, self-destructive leanings are understandable, but no less soul-shattering (“When I laid out in the sun / You get burned for being honest / I’ve really never done / Anything for anyone”).“I was immediately struck by her voice,” says Oberst.“There are not a lot of people whose voice stops you in your tracks like that.” Rather than each of them writing songs on their own and showing them to each other, Bridgers and Oberst wrote this record together in the same room.

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