Colton and skylar dating

Marie Claire said that there are several clues proving that the couple is still together.

Recently, Underwood was spotted with the boyfriend of Randolph’s sister.

Technically Colton Underwood doesn’t have an official NFL statistic to his name because he never made a regular season roster.Another hint was when Underwood liked a photo that Randolph posted from her overnight date with Underwood.Plus, Underwood reportedly follows Randolph on the Venmo app, which is used to exchange and pay money. But I never understood the depths of his love and commitment, and that she was the one … Bachelor Nation has so many questions about their relationship status at this point, considering the drama surrounding them hasn't exactly slowed down from the get-go.It appears Becca will be spending some more quality time with pals/franchise alums like Bekah Martinez and Kendall Long, and Tia will be pulling her aside to clear the air about something. Um, apparently, there's more that needs to be said.

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That doesn't necessarily say anything about where they actually are romantically these days.

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