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You are likely to need a large amount of floor space, too. Some venues may have a standard charge to book the premises for the night, or an hourly charge.

You may be able to obtain a discount, due to the large number of people likely to spend money at the venue while at your event. Consider where you may find people who are interested in finding love.

A rejection doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you, it’s simply that the connection isn’t right. Focus on the positive It may sound simplistic, but staying positive is essential.

As soon as you start to think there’s no one out there for you, potential dates will get this impression too.

Within a week after the event, study the cards and pass on the contact details of any matches. Her articles regularly appear in "All Women Stalk," "Parenting," "Education Plus" and "Glamour." She has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in early childhood studies and primary education and a Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in animal welfare and behavior, both from the University of Warwick.

She is currently studying towards NCTJ Certificate in Magazine and Journalism.

Speed dating events are becoming popular all over the world.

Place a table by the entrance, with labels and cards.If you are still in love with your ex-boyfriend, you should to question if you’re open to meeting someone new.Conversely, if it’s been a long time, you may want to talk to someone about how you feel for your ex to try and resolve issues that might be holding you back.Welcome everybody to the event, and confirm that all attendees have provided contact details which can be passed on to matches, and that everybody is wearing a name label.Explain that when the whistle/bell chimes, you must move on to the next person to your left, and fill in the form with a tick or a cross. When the night is finished, encourage the guests to stay and enjoy themselves in the venue, and give details of the next event if you are planning one.

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Widen your friendship group, take up a new hobby, or simply go to a bar you’ve never visited before.

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