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Marianne is sitting by the table knitting; she takes the white cat from her lap to the divan.Guido returns and Marianne asks why he has not appealed to his rich uncle for financial assistance.Guido adds, that the governor’s son can come and collect the cat – if he can recognize her…During the following ensemble, Minette begins to behave more and more like a cat.

Just then, a stranger, dressed as an Indian comes to the door; it is Dig-Dig.

The story is related to the original fable The Mouse Turned into a Maid, and to La Fontaine’s fable ‘La Chatte métamorphosée en femme’.

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He explains that Guido’s father did business with Indian merchants, and presents a purse with 100 florins owed to Guido’s father. Dig-Dig claims to be from Kandahar in Kashmir and has visited France and Paris where he taught dancing, astronomy and conjuring, as well as the transmutation of souls.

Dig-Dig tells Guido that his cat contains the most beautiful and mischievous young girl, and he will transform the creature – using an amulet (which costs 200 florins).

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