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Every individual Chabad institution raises funds locally, save for seed funds from donors for some programs. That’s been especially true on college and university campuses, where Chabad houses offer drop-in programs for stressed students, field trips and Shabbat meals. Many students are initially attracted by the social scene, food and family environment at Friday night Shabbat dinners, rather than Jewish learning or ritual, according to the study, which was authored by four academics.“The vast majority of funding comes locally from people who are being served,” according to Rabbi Seligson. While they attract students from a wide range of Jewish backgrounds, “relatively few are Orthodox,” according to a 2016 U. The study found that college graduates who had been more frequent participants at Chabad while they were students had higher scores on measures of Jewish attitudes and behaviour than those who were less-frequent participants.“The apparent impact of involvement with Chabad during college is pervasive, affecting a broad range of post-college Jewish attitudes and behaviours,” it stated.Chabad-Lubavitch is mammoth and shows no signs of waning.As the 2015 book, The Secret of Chabad: Inside the World’s Most Successful Jewish Movement, noted: “A small Chassidic group, hammered by the Holocaust and the harsh hand of communism in Russia, would become the largest Jewish organization in the world.” While Judaism’s mainline branches wrestle with ways to retain adherents and other Hasidic groups remain content to keep low profiles – in some cases, shunning the outside world – Chabad continues to grow exponentially, openly embracing any and every Jew.See our Privacy Policy and Third Party Partners to learn more about the use of data and your rights. A shooting at a synagogue outside San Diego where worshippers were celebrating the last day of Passover left one woman dead and several people injured.

They are among the 3,500 Chabad institutions, staffed by more than 4,700 families of shluchim, or emissaries, around the world. In Canada, 51 towns and cities have a Chabad presence, including campus outreach centres. What’s its secret – especially given that Chabad’s last leader, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, known simply as “The Rebbe,” died in 1994, with no replacement?Hayne Palmour IV/The San Diego Union-Tribune via APChabad of Park Slope, responding to the horrific Poway Chabad House shooting on the concluding day of Passover last weekend, will host an Evening of Unity, Solidarity and Prayer at Congregation B’nai Jacob this Friday night.The shooting at Chabad of Poway synagogue, near San Diego, California, left one woman dead and several injured.There are 39 centres in Quebec alone, seven of which opened in the last five years. A dozen others dot its suburbs, with some geared specifically toward immigrants from Russia, Israel and South Africa, and still more elsewhere in Ontario. Partly, Chabad offers a different model than established synagogues, which are split along denominational lines and depend on membership, boards and dues. That’s who our responsibility is to.” As he sees it, “It comes down to ahavat Yisra’el – love for your fellow (Jew).“Many synagogues are seeing their memberships dwindling,” pointed out Rabbi Motti Seligson, a spokesman for Chabad’s global headquarters in New York. “We see all Jews as being members,” Rabbi Seligson explained. If that’s your focus, it doesn’t matter whether they’re in good standing in terms of their financial contribution.

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