Cannot connect to internet validating identity

I am sure that you will be able to resolve the connection issues with one of them.

If rebooting your network didn’t help, then try rebooting your Samsung Galaxy S9.

It tries to verify/authenticate the password that you are using to log into your router/network and if the password is wrong then it fails to authenticate and will show an Authentication failed error message.

Following the first step in this article and triple checking the password can usually help to resolve authentication failed errors and allow you to get back on track and connected to your network once again.

Access the Settings on your Samsung Galaxy S9 and look for the Wi-Fi option (it’s often located under the “Connections” tab within the device Settings).

Tap Wi-Fi to open some extra settings and then look for the name of the Wi-Fi network that you are having trouble with.

The thing is, the problem isn’t necessarily with your device (the Samsung Galaxy S9) but, your Network is most likely experiencing connection issues that need fixing.

Try the following tips to help resolve the connectivity issue.

If it’s still connecting but not using the internet then power cycle the phone itself, turn it off and then turn it back on.The second thing that you can try, to fix your Samsung Galaxy S9 Wi-Fi connectivity issues, is to turn your Samsung Galaxy S9 and/or your router off and then turn them on again.Read a bit more on what you need to do below as this sometimes resolves the issue.So quadruple check the password one more time just for good measure and make sure that it is 100% correct in every way.I have seen however where the correct password and Wi-Fi information does not work and the device keeps displaying an Authentication failed error message.

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If you did find restrictions and removed them, recheck the connection between yourr Samsung Galaxy S9 and your wireless internet. If you are not sure what your network’s password is or what you would need to use to log back into your network, then you can skip this part of troubleshooting for the moment and then once you have that information available you can move on with this step in troubleshooting.

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