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They came originally from the tiny Wiltshire town of Calne and credential-wise were well-set, boasting the aforementioned Most as producer and future Led Zeppelin manager/henchman Peter Grant as “Business Manager”.Perhaps the most interesting feather in the band’s cap personnel wise was ex-Johnny Kidd & The Pirates bassist Brian Gregg.” Mickie Most will again produce this, and has great faith in the number he has found for the group.

We called ourselves this when we formed nearly three years ago. The lads, who have played all over the West of England. With The Spectres, the Top Twenty effectively ceased to function and even though the name was retained for a slightly new venture, this semi-pro outfit from Bath were the last band to play "live" under it's banner.

I don't think the other group have been going for so long" Is the situation harming their own career? are in a wide variety of occupations from salesman and printer, to shoe operator and civil servant. I think it's fair to say that the Top Twenty ended with a wimper and not the big bang that I had hoped for.

"Well, it is a bit of an embarrassment and it can be a handicap" They enjoy playing Tamla Motown music, but their sound balance at the club was decidely cloudy. Due no doubt to financial constraints, a series of semi-pro bands like The Spectres were responsible for seeing out the last few months of it's existence and what had been such a vibrant local scene was now gone.

and after receiving extensive airplay on both Radio's London & Caroline (to whom the song was presented whilst the band were reclining on Mickie Most’s yacht) they briefly threatened to outsell the original recording, reaching a peak of No.22 on the pirate charts.

However neither The Pack or The Lovin Spoonful's version of this song cracked the official BBC Top 40 and after it’s release the band promptly disappeared.

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