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I need a young man, above 23 years who is vibrant, lively, good looking, descent and lovely to be with.Am HIV negative, very stable and willing to spoil him with money if he satisfies my needs.There has been hatred between brothers, parents and children, sibling rivalry and spouses have failed each other.Friends have betrayed each other; the son has killed his parents for the throne, the count is endless.And as God said Love all Depending on context, love can be of different varieties. It shared on a very intimate and interpersonal and sexual relationship.The term Platonic love, familial love and religious love are also matter of great affection. The meaning of love will change with each different relationship and depends more on its concept of depth, versatility, and complexity. I need for myself a sweetheart ,romance,care,sex and anything that come along with love.

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It enhances the relationship and comforts the soul. The mother loves the child unconditionally and it can not be measured at all.

A different dimension can be attained between any relationships with the magic of love. You just need to focus on the goodness of the other person.

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  1. My life partner should be good in nature and god fearing with a great sense of humour and should always support me with my passion for film making, he should be understanding in nature and well qualified to manage the family to an extent as the rest will be managed by me, should not be a person who is looking for dowry as I don’t believe in a person who expects dowry to tie the knot, I am a very fun loving person and will always love my man to that of being my life until I leave this world.