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Black people don’t have freckles.”Those were the words that reverberated through Samantha Ferguson’s middle school–aged head after telling a boy at school that she was half-black and half-white.

Classmates, confused by her appearance, had been hounding her with questions like, “What ?

’” Before middle school, Ferguson didn’t think she was different from other children.

But, she says, the students at her predominately-white school, “dressed a certain way, looked a certain way, their hair was straight.

And biracial people are constantly faced with a choice.

Biracial women who struggle with their own identity may feel an overwhelming outside pressure for racial clarity. “People like math because if you solve a problem, you have an answer, and that’s just the answer. It’s like asking, ” “I don’t know if I have a concrete way to describe my ethnicity,” says Sarah Heikkinen, 23, a journalist from Cortland, NY.

There are a variety of factors—skin tone, hair color, eye color, where and how a person was raised—that may influence how a person of dual heritage classifies herself.

In the Pew study, 47 percent of multiracial people who do not identify as such say it’s because they look and are perceived as a one race.

“If I choose to be white, then I’m spitting on the history of my other side,” she says. And choosing to be black is like saying, ‘All white people are shameful,’ but I know that’s not the case either.” All the shootings, marches, and riots have caused Samantha Ferguson to realize that we haven’t come as far as a country as people would like to think.Heikkinen, whose mother is black and father is white, looks white: She has blonde hair, green eyes, freckles, and pale skin.Although her physical appearance doesn’t fit the expectation of “black” in America, she says she identifies with both races equally.Growing up, Heikkinen struggled with hating the white part of herself.It’s the part of her that everybody sees—something she often resents because of the automatic assumptions people make.

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“I don’t know if I identify with being black or white, one more than the other.

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