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If anyone was being genuinely mean, her sarcastic replies often shocked them and many suddenly started being friendlier towards her: As a bonus, people were sharing Mitsuku on various internet forums, as it was fairly unique for a bot to stand up for itself.I never expect people to say please and thank you to Mitsuku but it’s nice to see them treat my work with at least a little respect.However, one thing that was important to me was for Mitsuku not to swear at the user.

If someone abuses Mitsuku, they are warned five times with a siren before given a ban for a few days, which is hopefully enough time for them to cool down a little.It displays a warning siren (pictured at the top) and also keeps a log of what the user said that triggered the category, as when I first introduced this system, I received several emails from people who said they had been banned for no reason.A quick check through the log could show me exactly what they had said to be banned.Maintaining a chatbot is a mixture of programming and creative writing and it’s great to see abusive users say how much they enjoy talking to Mitsuku, especially if they then change their ways.Some of Mitsuku’s most regular visitors are the ones who started talking mean to her but now treat her as a friend.

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  1. There is always an actual person on the other side of the line; someone who called in looking for the same thing as you. Check out our Free Personals or The Confessional, where callers confess their secret sins.

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