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But coconuts cannot fool people they came from an apple tree. I only read a few sentences in your article and didn't feel the need to read more.Coconuts are always brown outside, no matter what country you ship them to. Unless you're rich like Michael Jackson, you can bleach yourself, but you will have to do major repairs on your flat ugly face. I can say Asians age really well do yes I would want to be stuck with an Asian when I turn 50.For those that are on the “preferred” side of this, how do you work to dismantle dating racism?Finally, for those that still believe that dating preferences aren’t racist, how do you justify your exclusionary “preference? Be honest with yourself and understand that who you choose to be with or not be with may be rooted in something other than an innocent preference.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Lewis Tan, the half-Asian-American actor who was rejected for the role of Iron Fist.

These type of hate crimes and any attempt to block/subvert K-pop influences on non-Asian/white female population just so they can preserve “white dominance” on minorities.

That’s why AMWF couples get ignored and to some extent, get shamed amongst the western mainstream.

Also, even if you want to date Asian women or men, tough luck to you because you're f U(&! Sorry, but could you clarify who you are talking to? I am surrounded by Cacasion people and clearly I wouldn't be any happier. Well because when ever there is an Asian in town everyone flocks to them. I clearly have nothing against cacasion's as I think Asians can relate to them as in proper morals. ur who would 't want to start with a nerd who eventually becomes a hottie after accomplishing their long term goals? Wouldn't the destruction of the universe be worth the few minutes of brilliant, tongue-in cheek discussion you might have?

Is it me, Mic Nguyen from the current timeline (called Mic Nguyen Prime offically but my friends call me "Prime-y" or "Bro Prime" or "Primasaurus Rex") or are you referring to the other Mic Nguyen from the future? Technically, the one from the future is called Mic Double Prime, or Mic Dubz, depending on whether or not it's his DJ night down at Del Toro. But this only goes for the cacasion's who are no longer in college. If I came across a cacasion, african american, or hispanic with good morals I think of them as my Asian with good morals. I am also curious as to how far you can go with yourself before paradox kicks in. Maybe if you stop just short of actual asexual reproduction? If they did, perhaps it was just an alternate reality version of themselves where they actually display some resemblance of human cognition rather than simply projecting their own issues into the comments section.

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