Are gui gui and wang zi dating

Gui Gui: Li quan, you only know me for a couple of days.can you love me that much?

Wang Zi push Li Quan away from Gui Gui and hit him in the face..

The present situation of the country imposes four priorities: a) to develope strategy and legislation of adult education and standards in adult education, b) to strenghten international and regional cooperation, c) to (re)establish and enrich the system of institutions and providers, d) to continue the professionalization of the field.

Although primary education is mandatory for already fifty years, Serbia is still facing the problem of illiteracy and high percentage of illiterate people (21,8 % of population is without primary education according to the last census in 2002).

WZ: Gui, I need to talk to you..*look at guigui*---------------------------------------------------Outside Gui Gui & Ya Tou's house: Guigui's thougths: Omg, what to do?

END OF WANG ZI'S THOUGTHSYa Tou: You know.deserves this! I choose you because you ask me first and I was mad at Wang Zi..

Mei Mei: gui, did you know that Tangua and Mao Di is dating? *look at tong tong*Mei Mei: She's just mad at Ao Quan.. *tease*Tong Tong: Don't tease me gui, you 're lucky..

Don't be mad at me..* made a sweet baby face*Wang Zi took her hand and they sat there the whole night..-------Next day , after school.. *smiles at Tangua *Tangua: Meimei, why are you keep saying that to everyone..*blush*Da Ya: meimei, stop it.made tangua blush*laugh*Tong Tong: You're lucky..*sad*Da Ya: what's wrong? Gui Gui: Aren't you the one who dared everything..?

*smiles*Tong Tong: no no.go*smiles*Tangua: are you sure? go and have fun:)* smiles*Hong Shi: What about you , gui? I planned to go on a date with wang zi..*look down*Hong Shi:'re guys are ditching us !

Mao Di and I planned to go're guys want to join? Xiao Man: haha, you go and have a great time with you Prince!

Tong Tong: She left with Xiao Jie(B) long time ago..

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