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However, at that time he did touch on what happened to Source Direct…..Would you ever get back together with Jim as Source Direct?Throughout the story, the narrator describes the language of blue jays and other animals in a matter-of-fact way that adds to the humor of the story."Jim Baker's Blue Jay Yarn" explores themes of determination and language.For readers in Twain's day, both themes were interesting and relevant.When a whole flock of blue jays arrive on the scene, they discover the first jay's folly and have a good laugh.The site becomes something of a tourist attraction in the blue jay community.If you are reading this, than Source Direct really need no introduction.

The interview, which is curiously no longer online, was mostly focussed on Phil’s new label “Vampire Records“.We had musical differences and it all just fell apart.A lot of it was to do with the pressure and stress of having a major deal.I’ve always been forward thinking and that’s what Source Direct was about. I had four or five years completely away from music. I wasn’t sick of the music but I was sick of the scene.When you get really amongst it and get to know all the people and the way that the scene ticks it can swallow you up. Jim now exclusively DJ’s under the original Source Direct name, with a promise of new productions for 2014 and beyond.

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