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By contrast, I'll show you exactly how to communicate your actual, earned higher social status simply by having more experience than she has, and I'll show you the exact techniques to make sure she knows that you are coming from a position of power and integrity - not neediness, which is where most pick-up artists are coming from. One thing that I have seen over and over is that you – like most men – probably already possess the very qualities younger women find charming and sexy – but you don’t know how to communicate it. He and I talked about the false belief that older men cannot date younger women. He has created a program that teaches you how to date younger women.I’ll bring you a top Hollywood Stylist below – who will tell you EXACTLY how to dress – so that you are sexy, admirable – and owning your greater experience and wisdom rather than hiding it under a backwards cap or baggy pants.The third mistake is trying to use “young” language, saying things like, "YOLO", "You only live once", or "LOL" when chatting online.When you do what I show you here, young women will see you as what I call “The Romantic Leader” – that man of more experience who can show them the ropes of life – and who is therefore sexy and desirable.• The magic switch every young woman has that once slipped to “on,” compels her to fantasize about making love to you – because when you do this she finds that she is working hard to prove herself worthy of you Nothing too fancy. And all they talked about were their own measly lives and all their hopes for the future which they weren’t even working on.We both enjoyed a little four-course meal with some decent wine and conversation, and we talked about our favorite authors and movies which happened to be the same – because the internet gives you the same stuff as she sees, erasing age-difference. They texted her at at night asking her if she wanted to "hang out". This story is very personal to me, and I hope that by sharing it with you, I've shown you that there's not only hope for you, but that there's a proven method that makes dating younger women easy – and I’m going to give it to you.And best of all – you can now “test drive” The Bold Life Advanced Skills Men’s Training Academy absolutely free for 2 weeks, so you can get a taste of how easy and successful you are about to be with women. I wasn't the guy I was when I was 23, trust me, but if I can go from zero to where I am now, then you can.

They figure – that’s where the hot younger women are – but THOSE women are there to hang with young guys. I’ll show you the places – offline and online – where younger women are already seeking you out.

Places with a competition is practically zero, and the women are approaching you for dates, not the other way around.

She wants to meet you in places where she looks UP to you.

This system has already transformed the lives of the men who've used it – my private students.

When I asked them how much a lifetime of dating younger, sexier, more playful, experimental, hotter woman was worth, they always said the same thing.

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"I am a man at the height of his powers and you are a young beauty at the threshold of your possibilities.

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